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You're slowly revolving around your Sun pondering about your life, universe and everything, while suddenly you are distracted by some rogue comets trying to ruin your peaceful day. You will be heavily damaged beyond any repair on single impact, so stay away from them. You also need to stay within the orbits. If you get too close to the Sun you will be pulled by its gravity and burned. If you move too far, the gravitation will be too weak and you will move away from your pretty Sun and won't see it again, and you don't want that. Touching the yellow orbit gives you a so called "point", but you have no idea what's the purpose of that thing.

Anyway, you have strong feeling this won't end well and you won't be able to stay in the Sun's orbit for much longer. And all you yearned for was another day around the Sun.


left/right arrow - move left/right
R - restart game
F12 - switch full screen mode

Music by pawles22
Sounds made using https://jfxr.frozenfractal.com/

Made with LÖVE 11.3

You can also read the backstory poem.


in-the-bemused-orbit.love 409 kB
in-the-bemused-orbit-win64.zip 4 MB

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My Playthrough of In The Bemused Orbit