A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Retro game inspired by invaders to bring back some memories.

Fight an unlimited waves of evil alien ships that threaten the human civilisation. The first wave is a classical invasion, where you need to defeat all of the aliens before they kill you. When the location is cleared, you warp to the next one, but you need to be careful. These evil monsters will try to run into you to prevent you from arriving to the next place. Dodge them all to fight the next wave of enemies, and then again warp to the next location.

Good luck and remember - you have only one ship.


Serpent7776: concept, programming
Igal: concept, sounds, cover image
invader graphics from https://www.seekpng.com/, but somewhat modified
cover font: https://www.1001fonts.com/games-font.html

Jam info:

Theme interpretation: Retro game that hopefully brings back some memories

Limitation interpretation: The game has alternating waves of enemies. The first wave is a classic arcade shooter (invasion wave). The second wave is a dodge obstacles kind of game that is inspired by racing games (warp wave). Then the game switches back to arcade shooter and then again to dodge mode and keeps alternating between the two. There's no  ending, but each subsequent warp wave is longer than the previous, so technically it ends at super long warp wave.

Install instructions

You need love2D executable to play the *.love file https://love2d.org/


invaders.love 156 kB
invaders-win32.zip 3 MB

Development log

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